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    Sometimes, the consideration of downsizing your office rental is mistakenly associated with the idea that your business is failing or losing money. In most cases this is a misconception. Smaller office rentals do not signify the decline of your business.  You should not equate downsizing your office space with downsizing your productivity. Moving to a smaller, more space-efficient office setting can actually help to improve employee productivity and capital. Your employees can more effectively communicate ideas and have important face-to-face interactions with one another. Take into consideration these tips when you want to make a physical change to meet your office rental needs.

    Use Smaller and More Energy-Efficient Digital Devices

    Most modern desktop computers and laptops are equipped with compact hardware and flat-screen monitors. These devices are not only more lightweight, but their interfaces are also much more user-friendly and they take up much less space. This is the main selling point for open-concept working environments where employees embrace shared workspaces.

    Rethink Your Meeting Room Needs

    Sometimes you may need a formal meeting with a client or some employees. You do not need a dedicated meeting space that requires funds and responsibilities. Instead, take advantage of alternative workspaces which can serve multiple duties, including meetings, brainstorming sessions, and interviews.

    Shred Old Files

    Make room for new opportunities by letting go of the old stuff. Actually look at those files to see what’s in them – there may be some golden nuggets of information you can unearth and use or reuse for your brand.

    Shred those pieces of paper that have sensitive information and take up space. This could include credit card information and old client documents. Then recycle the shreds. You can recycle the non-sensitive papers in whole form.

    Go Paperless

    In the age of modern and advanced technology, paperwork is unnecessary and outdated. Transfer as many of your paper files to digital and help diminish your company’s carbon footprint.  Clear up more workspace by eliminating the need for filing cabinets and other storage units in your office space rental.

    Moving forward with your business means being always being in tune with what your company and clients need. Readjusting your office rental in Allentown and creating new business goals is a productive and respectable move. Do not be afraid to make changes and grow with the economy and your clients.

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    Even the smallest object could prove to be the biggest hazard and it’s important to be safety oriented in the workplace as failure to adhere to certain rules and regulations can cause lots of damage. It’s true that slips, trips and falls make up the majority of workplace injuries and as the solutions are generally cost-effective, it’s important to make a conscious effort to implement them.

    Injuries in the workplace are costly and while it is nearly impossible to prevent every single exposure and injury in the workplace, it is important to be proactive and the most common issues and make sure solutions are in place.

    There are times that you may feel unsure about a particular job you may be asked to do. A worker should always check with his supervisor if he is unsure about the task at hand or if he feels that doing that task will expose him to danger.

    Falling asleep is one of the most common areas where injuries occur. Being awake and alert all the time while at work will prevent accidents from happening at work. Get up and walk if you need to stay alert or have that extra cup of coffee if needed. A great idea would be to get together with colleagues for possible lunch walks to keep active and stay healthy and alert.

    Some jobs require certain dress codes. Never take safety to chance, always go to work with the proper dress code to avoid any possible accidents.

    Know where emergency exits are at all times. Some work places conduct emergency drills to make sure their employees know what to do in cases of emergencies so as to avoid accidents, make sure you participate.

    There are jobs that take higher risks. Never take a high risk job for which you have not been trained for.

    It’s important to keep your work area clean and organized. People decide that have too much on their plate to be able to deal with something efficiently beforehand, leaving potential profits and clients on the table.

    Accidents may be inevitable, it’s not always going to be possible to prevent them effectively. These are just a few steps that can go a long way to ensure the possibility of an accident occurring or significantly reduce them. Safety begins with you.

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