Class Leading Benefits

Flexible and Scalable

Small Space Experts

The Office Quarters has been specializing in small work spaces since 2001, so we have come to understand businesses who need small space, flexible terms and shared services. Pay Your Bill

Internet Icon


Our office’s fiber optic internet connection provides robust, fast service for even the most demanding businesses. Whether you connect on our wireless or on our Ethernet, you will still experience the same quality. Your connection is secure, and networks can be established for work teams who share files.



The latest VOIP technology gives you multiple options for telephone connections. We offer a broad range of services from call answering and screening to VM to Email. Phones can be programed to “follow” you so that you are available whenever you need to be. No waiting for the “phone guy” to set up your service. We are your phone service provider, and your phone is ready when you are!



Our members cover a wide range of professions and businesses. We’re a community of attorneys, CPAs, financial advisors, mortgage brokers, start-ups, regional corporate offices, staffing companies and others. We frequently meet in the corridors or in the Café where networking occurs and friendships grow. If you’re looking for a companion for lunch or happy hour, you can probably find a willing participant at the OQ.


The OQ Café

The coffee is always on in the Café. We offer single serve coffee, tea and hot chocolate 24/7. Soft drinks are available during business hours and light snacks are always served. Microwave, refrigerator and dishwasher allow you to have lunch “in” on busy days. The TV is always on so that you can catch up with the news or sporting events.


Member Perks

Secure access to the Office Quarters is 24/7, and our parking lot is ample, free and well lighted. The OQ has become well known for it’s periodic member luncheons on special occasions like St. Patrick’s Day, Cinco de Mayo or Octoberfest. These are always great get togethers for getting better acquainted and having fun!


Amazing Team

Our support team is dedicated to making your business life easier! We run a tight office, allowing you to focus on your most productive business matters. We are available to assist you with administrative tasks with our proficiency in MS Office and work organization.

The Office Quarters members staff will work closely with you to make sure that you have the right space and resources you need to run your business ‘lean and mean’. Based on actual member surveys, our staff consistently exceeds expectations. Meet our office managers.