Benefits of a Temporary Answering Service


Who is the gatekeeper for your business? When your clients and customers call, who greets them on the phone? The reality is that the phone contact is the first impression your customers and clients get of your organization and you want that impression to be as positive as possible. It’s so important that you maintain high levels of quality and customer attention when it comes to your business phone line. Answering calls promptly, having a friendly voice and transferring customers where they need to be is all part of giving great phone customer service.

Call answering services are the cost effective and efficient solution for giving your business that professional image your client is looking for when they call you. Below are some helpful tips and benefits of using a temporary answering service.

There are multiple reasons why you may need an answering service. The most obvious is the money you can save. If you don’t have a physical location for your business, an answering service is ideal to give your business added exposure without having large overhead or any additional expense on equipment.

There are multiple reasons why you may need an answering service.

Spend more time on what matters. Reduce distractions and continue to grow your business without the stress of answering every call if you should find yourself in an important client meeting or spending time away on vacation with family and friends.

Missing a call can be disastrous, especially if you are working to secure new leads. You don’t want to miss a possible sale.  Callers never have to listen to a ringing phone, long wait times or unanswered calls and you never have to be concerned about missed opportunities. With an answering service, all incoming calls are answered and your callers get through to a personalized and professional greeting immediately before they choose how they’d like to direct their own call. After hours, calls transfer to voicemail with voicemail to email feature enabled.

Work remotely from anywhere, have your call answered and transferred to you directly. Give your clients and potential customers the option to either speak to you directly or opt to leave a voicemail that you can refer back to later.

A professional, organized response on the phone shows your business can meet a caller’s needs and helps to establish your authority in your industry. The Office Quarters is ready to help you with this service and many other options to help grow your business.


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