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How to Keep Your Office Clean During Cold/Flu Season

The more employees you have, the greater the risk that someone will carry a cold or the flu into your facility. Once one person is sick, germs spread like wildfire through the office until practically everyone is either home in bed or sitting at their desks, spreading the germs to coworkers. Depending on your business,…

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“Why Face-to-Face Meetings are more effective than Emails.”

We live in a virtual world, where many of us rely heavily on the internet. There are many ways we use the internet to grow our business. Direct email, interactive websites, online advertising and social media platforms are just a few used to supplement traditional marketing. All of these can certainly be effective in raising…

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As a small business owner, we all know that time equals money. We are always looking for ways to save.  There are simple ways to help make us more efficient that will help do just that. In this day of technology, paperless is the way to go. Electronic retrieval is a lot faster and easier…

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What can you do to stay Healthy in the Workplace

As we welcome the winter months ahead we also say hello to cold and flu season.  Add to that the holidays and the extra food and snacking that tags along, it is a challenge to stay healthy at the office. Here are some valuable tips to help keep you healthy in the months ahead and…

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Creating the Best Environment for Your Employees

Have you ever worked in an office that was laid out poorly, had terrible lighting or the worst….no coffee machine?  In the movie Office Space, the protagonist, Peter, has finally had it with his job and in one scene, unscrews his cubicle so he can see the view out his window.  As the partition falls…

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