“How Can I Motivate My Start-Up Team”


Motivation is your fuel for your start up and your team runs on it. It’s not always easy to get your team motivated. Startup employees can get tired and burned out and it’s not always easy to work in a fast-paced environment. While there are always those that love to work, sometimes too much, don’t expect to motivate burned out workers with more work.

It’s an exciting time when you have a start-up team and you’re ready to grow your business. How do you create a fun and collaborative environment? Motivation has to be a constant priority and tone, focused more on the positive emotional and internal needs of a person, rather than their opportunity to simply make more money. Below are a few tips to help achieve just that.

Regular meetings with team members on a consistent basis is one of the easiest ways to keep a startup team motivated. Staying on the same page is crucial to success. Create an environment where every member can effectively communicate their ideas and suggestions. This environment also gives the team the opportunity to get to know each other and bond over time. Make sure you take this time to listen carefully and that everyone feels heard.

Every professional expects to be treated with respect, you have to give respect in order to get it in return. Show your team respect by your words and actions. This will show that you value their role. Positive social interactions with fellow team members lead to improved job satisfaction and motivation.  Be sure to recognize and celebrate individual achievements, large and small, in front of the whole team, people feel wonderful about themselves. They feel more competent and eager to repeat the success or take on additional responsibility.

Always say “Thank You”. It’s amazing how a small gesture of gratefulness can brighten someone’s day

Always say “Thank You”. It’s amazing how a small gesture of gratefulness can brighten someone’s day when you least expect it. It’s always nice to hear and appreciation costs nothing but it will bring back incredible results.


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