What can you do to stay Healthy in the Workplace


As we welcome the winter months ahead we also say hello to cold and flu season.  Add to that the holidays and the extra food and snacking that tags along, it is a challenge to stay healthy at the office. Here are some valuable tips to help keep you healthy in the months ahead and all year round.

Let’s start with a word on snacking. We all have that one co-worker who has a candy dish filled with treats for every season.  Keep yourself in check by having a stash of guilt free treats at your desk.  Packs of almonds or homemade trail mix and some fresh fruit are great when the call to nibble hits you. Enjoy the occasional homemade Christmas cookie, just don’t swing by that person’s desk every 15 minutes.  Don’t forget a satisfying lunch…that alone can help curb the desire to snack too often.

Get up and move!   Many of us have jobs that keep us at our desks most of the day.  It is important to schedule time to reinvigorate our muscles and get the blood pumping.  Just 5 minutes of light stretching and walking can improve your focus and energy levels so you can tackle that mid-morning or afternoon slump.  Gather a group of your office buddies and walk at lunch to get a bit of sunshine.  Vitamin D is especially beneficial in the winter months to help maintain the immune system.

A word on caffeine.  I know we all love our coffee, but drinking too much can be a detriment to your work day.  More than two cups can lead to a caffeine crash in the afternoon.  Limit your java to the morning hours and up that water intake in the afternoon.  Staying hydrated is the #1 tip when it comes to workplace health.  Water effects your energy levels, productivity and overall health.  Invest in a great water bottle to encourage frequent fill ups.  As an added bonus, you’ll get some movement in those visits to the water cooler.

Spiffy up that work space.  Make it a habit on Friday before you head out the door to give your spot a quick cleaning.  Wipe down your keyboard, mouse and phone with an anti-bacterial wipe or a bit of Lysol.   Also take note of the equipment you are using.  Is your chair the right height to avoid back and neck tension?  If you are on the phone frequently, are you using a headset or comfortable neck cradle?  Is your computer at arms-length from your face to avoid eye strain?

Attention Employers!  Help your staff by having a water cooler and providing healthy snacks instead of a soda machine.  Encourage fitness among your staff.  Maybe even a friendly weight loss competition or walking goal for the new year.  Helping your employees stay healthy all year round is key to your business’ performance and growth.  Take steps today to ensure the well-being of your staff is the best it can be!


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