Creating the Best Environment for Your Employees



Have you ever worked in an office that was laid out poorly, had terrible lighting or the worst….no coffee machine?  In the movie Office Space, the protagonist, Peter, has finally had it with his job and in one scene, unscrews his cubicle so he can see the view out his window.  As the partition falls away he leans back in his chair, hands behind his head, breathing in while a smile comes across his face.   There is more and more evidence that a comfortable environment will motivate and increase job performance.

Some obvious areas to consider are lighting.   Too harsh and your workers may encounter glares on their computers which can lead to eye strain.  Too little can create an overly relaxed atmosphere where drowsiness comes into play.  Temperature is a tricky area, but an important one.   You will never be able to please everyone, but providing your staff with small space heaters or a quiet fan may help them feel comfortable at their desks.  Clutter is another area that has simple remedies.  Additional filing cabinets and shelves encourage that documents and other materials have a place to be stored.  A paper shredder located in a central area helps keep unwanted items off the employee’s desk to ensure they have a clean work space.

Working in a cubicle can be a challenge task.

Working in a cubicle can be a challenge task.  It is easy to be distracted by noises around you or the friendly co-worker looking to chat.  Restructuring your office is not always feasible and perhaps the design of your office will not allow it.  As an alternative you could provide your staff with a quiet space room.  An area that employees could work on a project without distraction.  The space should be inviting, well-lit and it should be understood that a person in the room should be uninterrupted.

While having a space that an employee feels they can work in without distraction is important, providing an area for social interaction is crucial as well.  Drawing people together stimulates conversation and could lead to solving a challenging task.  Consider putting the coffee maker or water cooler in a central location to encourage interaction with people who may not work in the same department.

At the end of the work day you want your employees to feel comfortable in their environment.  Encourage them to make suggestions to make your building more pleasing.  Increased productivity and job satisfaction can be easily obtained by examining your office and making the necessary adjustments.



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