Declutter Your Office Space Before The New Year Rolls Around


Perfect Time For A Fresh Start

New Year is the perfect time for a fresh start, it’s important to have a decluttered and clean space. This includes your physical desk space, computer, and your business. With the average work week hovering just under 50 hours, it’s no surprise to learn that our desk organization is suffering. Your home office is meant to be a place where you can be productive and feel good in when you come into it, and leave it.

Take Inventory

Take an inventory of your home office. How much of the contents of your space are used often and how much of it has been sitting untouched. Decluttering is your first step. Determine what office supplies you need to get your job done, everything else, donate to a worthy cause. This is also a good time to clean out that junk drawer. Use small containers in your drawers so keep it organized and prevent a future junk drawer.

Stick With The Essentials

Keep only the essentials on your desk, your computer, a notepad, and of course your coffee, tea or favorite beverage and put the rest in drawers or containers. When you start using the space for more than its intended use, you will do that activity before you work. Removing them allows our mind to better focus on the most important project of the moment. A clean desk also makes for a great first impression to your potential clients.

Decluttering Means You Computer Too

Next, decluttering your actual computer will help speed it up, free up storage, and make room for all of your 2018 plans. Start by clearing up your desktop. Create folders and label everything. A great idea would be to create a folder that is dedicated only to meetings, whether it is presentation notes, or notes on someone else’s presentation. Having a folder dedicated solely to meeting materials means you’ll have quick access for when you forget your next steps, or need some help preparing for a follow-up.

Setup A Routine

Take five minutes at the end of your day to clear off any clutter from your desk that may have accumulated throughout the day. A simple clearing away of used coffee cups, your lunch container, and any unorganized documents will help you leave your place of business with peace of mind. It’ll leave your mind at peace when you step away from work, and it’s always nice to come in to a clean desk in the morning.

If you have trouble enacting some of these new habits at first, don’t sweat it. Keeping a clean space can be very difficult, especially when you’re on a deadline, travel a lot for work, or have too many projects that need managing. For people working remotely, I’m sure keeping your workspace clean falls in line with keeping a clean house, which is always an uphill battle. But taking a couple minutes each day to tackle at least one of these great suggestions will provide big results in the end for your business, and a desktop you can be proud of.

Taking a couple minutes each day to tackle at least one of these great suggestions will provide big results in the end for your business


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