Do you have a bucket list for your business?


Many people get turned off the idea of having a bucket list because of misconceptions. They think it has to be something full of big impossible tasks and hard to reach dreams. Every business owner should have an “entrepreneur’s bucket list” of monumental accomplishments that you want to achieve in the course of your entrepreneurial journey.

A successful and satisfying career, like a well-lived life, can benefit from a bucket list. Items on your business bucket list, once accomplished, will pay you big returns for the rest of your life. Your achievements can set you apart, open doors and unmistakably position you as a top expert in your field, and provide acceleration to your career.

Where do you begin? Start, by writing your big dreams or goals for your business. Next, break those down into smaller, achievable milestones that will get you closer to the big picture. Not only is this going to keep you actively making strides towards crossing something off your bucket list, it also serves to give you little wins and added motivation along the way. Take some time to brainstorm, and think about what must be included on your bucket list.

When you’re happy and it feels like you’ve got some solid aspirations on your list, display it, hang it up in your office or at home. Share it on social media with family friends, or verbalize it to a trusted friend or accountability partner.

Review your bucket list every six months. By doing this, it may help you to achieve things you never would have imagined to be possible in your professional life. Managing your career journey is more than a onetime event. It is an ongoing, proactive effort that opens doors to multiple opportunities.

You need to practice and train yourself to think from a place of abundance on a daily basis. By working from a place of abundance, you’ll take higher quality actions that’ll help you build the business you want and deserve.


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