“Why Face-to-Face Meetings are more effective than Emails.”


We live in a virtual world, where many of us rely heavily on the internet. There are many ways we use the internet to grow our business. Direct email, interactive websites, online advertising and social media platforms are just a few used to supplement traditional marketing. All of these can certainly be effective in raising brand awareness. However, when it comes to building customer loyalty and business growth, nothing beats face-to-face. No matter what type of business you’re in, we’re all in the people business, and for this reason it’s important to get to know your customers, which sometimes can only truly be done in person.

It’s tough to make your first impression via the internet. Having the opportunity to show your client and customers how you present yourself in person can be much more impactful than a phone call or email. Facial expressions and body posture is a big part of communication. Sometimes people express more through their body language than through verbal or virtual communication.

As many of us know, we all prefer to work with people we trust, like and share something in common. An in person friendly smile and handshake sets a positive tone right from the start. Much like when you share a good laugh with a close friend, positive emotions spread in large groups of people. Emotions are contagious, it’s tough to get social with a computer.

It’s True that face-to-Face meetings are more effective than emails.

The need for more face-to-face interaction with prospects and clients in this virtual age has never been more important. Unless you first have established a relationship, e-communications and social media postings can be too easily deleted and forgotten. Bringing a face, voice and empathetic personality to the interaction makes it more human and real, and can lead to a mutually beneficial relationship over the long term.

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