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How A Flexible Office Space Benefits Those That Work From Home


The traditional office seems to be in a state of transition. Attitudes towards the way we work are constantly shifting and flexible workspaces continue to develop in order to meet those changing attitudes and needs.

Coworking and flexible office spaces provide small businesses, independent contractors and other workers a cost-effective space to get work done, network and participate in their local business community with like-minded professionals.

Anyone setting up their own small business, turning a hobby into a career or going full time with their part-time business is likely to start the process at home. Working from home is a great money saver in the beginning, but it certainly has its cons. People often find it difficult to stay focused and motivated when they don’t even have to get out of their pajamas.

A move to a flexible workspace can be instantly refreshing and exciting. It’s difficult to dissociate home with a sense of comfort and rest. A new workspace will inspire feelings of focus and determination. Two of the major problems with home working are distractions and isolation, which can destroy productivity. However, in a flexible workspace, you will avoid these distractions in an environment filled with like-minded entrepreneurs who will likely inspire and motivate you.

Work-life balance is hugely important to workers in today’s increasingly connected mentality. That balance often gets distorted when you work where you live. Flexible office spaces allow entrepreneurs and teams to create a separation between home and work life. Separating the two can promote feeling more relaxed at home.

Flexible workspaces often come with professional services, like receptionists, administrative staff and IT support. These people can often be invaluable to the growth of a small business. Receptionists and phone answering services provide small businesses with authenticity and professionalism that may be necessary to your image. Secondly, they can perform tasks that will both speed up processes for your business while saving you money.

The Office Quarters can handle all aspects of office operations, leaving our clients to focus on the productive aspects of running their business. We’re focused on making your business work and grow on your terms. Give us a call to set up a tour of our facility.


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