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Thanksgiving is arguably the perfect day to discuss all of the things that you have to be thankful for as a business owner. Naturally, you can’t run a successful business without customers regularly supporting it. So, it’s important to be mindful that you should always express your thanks to your customers. And, there are many ways that you can show them your gratitude.

Gratitude is a social emotion that has the power to strengthen relationships. This is because gratitude requires us to see how we are supported and affirmed by others. Expressing gratitude is one way to help your business thrive, and often, it tends to get lost on our daily checklist. It distinguishes you from the competitors, and even small acts of appreciation can solidify your key professional relationships.

Are you thanking customers for their business? When you express your gratitude for their business, your customers will begin to trust you. And trust can lead to customer loyalty. Say thank you – in person, on the phone, and in writing. Write handwritten notes to show you’ve taken the time to really think about your relationship with the customer and what it means to you. When you thank customers for their business, you’re treating them with respect, which can cultivate reciprocal generosity toward your business. Also, when customers feel respected, they’re more likely to refer your business to others, which can lead to new sales. Being thankful opens doors to abundance.

Are you thanking your employees? Gratitude starts with listening. By paying attention to the whole person and listening for the details it creates opportunities to focus on the positive. Notice the places where each individual has helped contribute to your business, the team, and with customers. Finding places to show the appreciation that is detailed and specific to the person makes it sincere and appreciated. For it to be authentic, it needs to be given in a way that is uniquely you. Show gratitude and thanks in ways that fit with your personality. The benefits of showing gratitude for your team are immeasurable. Take this time of the year to get started, and then keep it going.

Gratitude teaches us to shift our focus from what we don’t have to what we do have. In business, being grateful for your staff and customers pays off, particularly when it comes to customer appreciation efforts.

The good news is that we have complete control over our appreciation. No budget limitations or excuses here. There are literally thousands of ways to demonstrate our appreciation at little or no cost.


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