No matter which line of work you are in, everyone seems to be on the lookout for ways in which they can be more productive with their work. Some may think hazardous amounts of caffeine or energy drinks can get you closer to reach the maximum productivity possible. Sadly, they would be wrong.

Getting as much as you can out of the day, whether it’s the workplace or in your personal life, seems to be more of a challenge for some of us than others. We all know examples of people who have managed to pack in an hour at the gym, replied to all their emails and drafted a board report all before you’ve barely made your morning cup of Java! So, what’s their secret? Below are some valuable tips that will help you become more productive?

Identify your obstacles. What is preventing you from being more productive? Some distractions to consider are social media, chatting with co-workers, not prioritizing properly, disorganized, can’t focus where you work.  Be honest about your obstacles, and be serious about addressing them and see how it impacts your productivity.

Stop procrastination. Procrastinators sabotage themselves from becoming the best versions of themselves. Procrastinators are sidetracked by insignificant factors that ultimately derail their goals. To stop procrastinating, make your actions precise and calculated, have some form of accountability established, and set your goals up in a way in which they are small, manageable, and easily achievable.

The average worker spends an incredible 7.4 hours per weekday checking or responding to their emails. Add social media notifications, or news alerts into the mix and it’s a wonder anyone manages to get any work done! Productive people realize that email and notifications are an incredible distraction and so they deliberately only check their in-boxes two or three times a day. Schedule email time on the calendars and process it in chunks.

Being more productive at work or our home lives is quite simple really. All that’s required is some organization, the flexibility to deal with the unexpected and the determination to see things through.


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