Staying focused during summer

How to Stay Focused Over Summer


Staying Focused

Summer is finally here; the sun is shining, the air is warm, the birds are chirping and the beach is calling. But unfortunately, there’s still plenty of work to be done. It can be really hard to stay focused on work when the weather is so gorgeous, but it has to be done. How can you hold yourself accountable for completing your work when you’d rather be outside enjoying all that the summer has to offer? Here are a few tips to stay focused, especially if you have children.


Working outside is a great way to enjoy the weather and stay productive. Schedule a business lunch at an outdoor restaurant or have a walking meeting. If you’re tied to a desk, at least sit near an open window to get some sun, and go outside during your breaks to improve your focus. Try creating a working oasis for yourself, like a library, coffee shop or a secluded corner of your office.


Get rid of the urgent but not important stuff. For example, schedule social media updates before summer days are in full swing. Start early so you don’t spend so much time on unimportant social media chats that aren’t really making a difference to your business.


Make a list and choose one topic from your list each day or week and spend an hour or two solidly working on those things. I find first thing in the morning is a great time to do this. If you have children, they can be occupied for a bit watching TV. Some days you’ll be amazed by how much work you churn out. Other days will be spent staring at the clock as it ticks agonizingly slowly. When you have lazy days, don’t beat yourself up too much. Just get the most important tasks done, and take breaks to recharge.


There’s always more work to do.  Nighttime work just might have to become the norm for a while.

For those days where you really want to be with family and friends to enjoy the day, plan on working in the morning before everyone gets up and moving and then again at night to get the job done.


Try avoiding scheduling due dates or important meetings for Fridays or Mondays, you can get more done between Tuesday and Thursday while still allowing people to get work done on Mondays and Fridays if they’re around.


We tend to think of winter as the season for illness. But summer is just as destructive on our bodies due to the excessive heat. When you’re exhausted and have lost your appetite, you won’t be productive at the office. Stay healthy by keeping hydrated.


It’s completely normal to find motivation to stay focused on work during the summer months. Remember that everyone is in the same boat, but there are ways that you can keep focused on work even on the nicest summer days by following just a few of the tips above.


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