Organize your desk space.

Organize Your Workspace to Be More Productive


For most individuals who work they often spend more time in the office than they do in their homes during the week. Your desk can quickly become a collection place where things are just kept and stored and soon it can become an overwhelming mess. The clutter on your desk and in your work space can quickly begin to spill over to the actual work you produce.

Your workspace shouldn’t wear you down every day, but that’s what uncomfortable chairs, messy desks, and poor lighting do–even though you might not notice these things day after day. With disorganization there comes even more chances of bacteria, germs and viruses making a home of your work space and chances of illness increase. But an organized desk doesn’t happen by magic, and it can be easy to put off re-organizing your workstation. So, put aside some time, roll up your sleeves, and use these few tips on how to organize your desk to give yourself a more productive workspace.

Start from square one. Clear off your desktop, empty your drawers, and look at your desk as a fresh slate. Only items you use every day should be on your desktop. Put them to your dominant side along with your phone, where you will be able to reach these items easily. If an item is not essential to your office, remove it for good. Another great tip for keeping your office clean is to have a trash can at hand and place it in a spot where you can easily and quickly reach it.

Store supplies you might need weekly or monthly, such as scissors or extra Post-It notes, in your desk drawers; paper files you don’t touch regularly in their own file cabinet or box; and things you use once in a blue moon, such as printer photo paper, as far away from your desk as you like.

Try limiting personal decorations to just 3 items or less–and moving any others to outside your direct line of sight. Whatever you do, make sure everything you keep on your desk is either useful, necessary, or brings you joy–criteria for clearing out any kind of space.

Take a few minutes at the end of each workday to remove the things that have somehow strayed onto your desk and don’t belong there. A cleared desk will give you a fresh start the next morning and keep the momentum going throughout the day.

Use one tip or try them all. The amount of effort you put into creating and maintaining an efficient work area will pay off in a big way. Instead of spending time looking for things and shuffling piles, you’ll be able to spend your time…well…working and you’ll enjoy being clutter free!


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