Protecting your Business against Hackers


Technology has come a long way and done wonders for business. Everything we can possibly need is right at our fingertips. Unfortunately, it is also accessible to hackers as well. You’re vulnerable to malicious attacks that could permanently damage your business. It’s time to wake up and invest in learning about cyber security strategies and to protect your business data. Below are a few simple ways for you to be sure all of your information is safe.

Biggest Threat

The biggest threat facing your business is unsecure communication. Many companies still choose to transmit information via relatively unsecure channels such as email or direct mail.  Implement secure communication methods by setting up a firewall, your network router should have one built in. Also, be sure to invest in a security program like McAfee or Norton, for example. Keep your information safe by turning to full-disk encryption tools, which come standard with most operating systems. Switching the encryptions of these devices to on shouldn’t take more than a minute and will encrypt every file on your drive without slowing it down.

Set A Good Password

Create a sophisticated password strategy for your business. If you have employees, they should be required to create passwords with combinations of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. Furthermore, passwords should be reset every few weeks.

Put Someone In Charge

Find and designate a point person to oversee your cyber security efforts. Even if employees are wearing multiple hats and handling a variety of responsibilities, it needs to be someone’s job to focus on security.

Be aware of cyber fraud in order to protect yourself and your business from them. Educating yourself in the process of cyber fraud will better prepare you for the possible attacks.

Set Company Policy

Implement a policy about personal use of company computers. This isn’t to say you can’t have some leniency. But, know and make known, your policy about taking computers home and use at the office.

Make sure you back up your work.  This is an easy thing to do that too many people don’t practice. There are few things worse than having all of your data lost when your computer shuts down.

Have a plan to respond to a security breach for the company. Even practice it annually to make sure that all the steps are clear and still relevant. Securing your business against hackers is an ongoing job. No system or software can provide you 100% protection. But it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune.

The above tips can be implemented to offer security that can guarantee your business data is not only secured but you also have the appropriate attitude towards security. Make security the key focus of your business, continue to educate yourself and your employees and customers, and staying on top of the threats will keep your business safe.


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