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Believe it or not, a new year and decade are around the corner. As we approach the beginning of 2020, small businesses need to kick their planning into full gear. New Year’s Resolutions are not only confined to our personal lives. They can be extended to our work life as well. If you are a…

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Don’t wait till the New Year to start planning your 2019 Goals

It’s so easy to see why the first of January is such a good time to set resolutions, why we choose then to start working on our goals. Having a whole new year ahead of us is exciting. It’s a fresh start where we get to leave all the things we didn’t like about last…

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The Value of Saying “No”

Honoring yourself is the most important thing. It’s true that sometimes saying “no” will hurt someone else’s feelings. You may even disappoint someone you admire. But you are also fostering resentment and regret when you don’t honor yourself and your needs. Out of guilt or fear of confrontation, we take on more projects, invest in someone else’s priorities.  In…

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It’s easy to fall off course on the journey to reaching your goals. Although you might have set ambitious goals in January when you were full of motivation, by midyear, you might be busy or overwhelmed, and maybe you have forgotten all about the goals you set earlier in the year. The best athletes in the world…

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