Turn your goals into strategies


There is nothing quite as empowering as the moment you realize you have reached your dreams. Entrepreneurs turn their dreams into reality every day and that’s not easy. Writing your goals down is a great first step but unless you move into action, they’re simply just words on paper. To move forward, you need to turn your goals into plans. It’s time to take action towards making some shifts in your life.

Let’s start by knowing the difference between goals and strategies. A goal is the feeling you ultimately want from the thing you’re seeking.  Ask yourself how you would feel when you’ve achieved that. The answer to that question becomes your new goal. A strategy is the path that is required to get there. Your strategies could include actions, steps, milestones, or events that need to happen in order for you to achieve that goal. Below are a few steps to get you on track.

  • Write your goals down, share them with others and create lots of energy around what it is you are doing.
  • Create visual reminders of what your goals are, for example, creating a vision board is a great start. Seeing that reminder everyday helps with motivation. Don’t forget to have fun with this.
  • Focus on taking small steps in the direction of a goal. Instead of worrying about the big picture. Give yourself permission to simply take one step at a time. Remember it’s a journey, not a race.
  • Commit to doing one thing per day, per week, whatever works for your schedule. Honoring this commitment will keep your goals top of mind.
  • Remember to celebrate the achievement of each mini goal along the way. This will create momentum and confidence that you can reach that finish line.

We are all deserving of success and happiness. We owe it to ourselves to aim high in life and to go after what we truly want. We are meant to live fully and experience what life has to offer. When you experience what you are capable of first hand, you continue to create dreams that will ensure a full, happy and satisfying life journey.


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