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Who’s Answering Your Calls?


You never get a second chance at a first impression. I’m sure you’ve heard that plenty of times and it’s true. When your company gets a phone call from a new client or an existing customer, their first impression of your business starts with how they’re greeted. A voicemail is the last thing a potential client wants to hear.

Having a remote answering service for your business means you never miss a phone call or an opportunity to gain a new client. Many offices have remote receptionists that are trained to handle your company’s calls efficiently to make sure customers always have a positive experience. Not only do they know how to answer calls politely, but they know how to get pertinent information to capture leads and convert callers into customers.

Clients call with questions, and maybe even concerns that need to be addressed. It’s just as important to take these calls as it is to take scheduling calls. A live phone answering service offers businesses so much more than picking up the phone and taking a message.

Having adequate staff and dealing with the challenges of a growing business might seem too much to handle. However, it is these details that will determine the future of your company, and you need to make sure that this future is exactly the way you have planned it to be. In order to offer great and uninterrupted communication with your clients, it is imperative that you find the proper associates to work together.

For smaller operations, where you might be tied to the phones and have less time to devote to other vital business tasks, having a virtual assistant answering calls makes it easier to manage your time. Your time is freed up to concentrate on more important business functions. In addition to these benefits, many businesses discover they also save money on not having to worry about recruiting and training their own employees to answer their telephones.

At The Office Quarters, the phones can be programed to “follow” you so that you are available whenever you need to be. No waiting for the “phone guy” to set up your service. We are your phone service provider, and your phone is ready when you are!

To ensure a consistent, professional appearance, a call answering service is your business’s best option – a cost-effective, efficient way to enhance your image and make a great first impression for your business.


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